Bad skin, Sore boobs and Protein

I wanted to talk about the symptoms I’ve been having that make me think I am, in fact, pregnant.

I have been getting bad acne… my skin has not been looking good.  I do get pimples on my chin, but it has been coming two at a time and more frequently.

My back is sore.  My boobs have been real sore and I feel like they’re getting bigger.  Also, my clothes seem to be tighter.  My jacket seems to be too small now.  I’m almost sure that my stomach has gotten bigger.  I feel bloated and bigger.

A few weeks ago, I felt nauseous.. but thankfully, no puking.  I wonder if I will get morning sickness.  Of course, we’re still not sure I am pregnant since the test at the doctor is tomorrow.  I am positive that I am since my period still hasn’t come.

I told my husband Ivan that I am putting him in charge of me getting enough protein during my pregnancy.  Since we’re pescetarians, this will involve foods like tofu, nuts and edamame.  Lately, he’s been on a kick of making salads.  Here’s a tasty kale salad with nutrional yeast (which makes it cheesy) and dried cranberries that I had the other day.

Kale salad with dried cranberries

I’m glad that I’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow.  I better start writing some questions that I have for him.


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