Flowers and Cookies

Our house is filling up with flowers!  I got flowers from Big Dave’s cousin Dafydd from Wales on January 27, 2014 and then more flowers from Big Dave’s cousin Le Darv from Barcelona, Spain the next day.

Flowers from Le Darv from Spain

There must be lots of Dave the monkeys around the world!

I felt really nauseous on Monday, but still no puking so I do consider myself lucky.  Nobody likes puking especially me.. so I’m glad I haven’t been.

I met up with our midwife Kat for my first prenatal visit on January 28, 2014.  It’s great that she comes to your house for all your visits.  I had to pee in a cup to check my protein and sugar.  She made sure I was feeling alright.  I told her about my nausea and said that eating an egg helps right when I wake up and also eating small meals throughout the day should help.  She recommended the Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet.  She said I should print it out and laminate the pages.  Then, I can mark off what I’ve eaten each day.  I’m definitely not eating enough of the right foods.

Kat said my uterus is expanding, so that I might be feeling pressure which I have been feeling cramps.  She told me to lie down and we would see if we could hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Sometimes, you can this early.  She put a cold gel on me and put the doppler below my stomach and tried to find the heartbeat.  We couldn’t hear anything.  Maybe the baby is being cheeky and is hiding!

She gave me paperwork to get lab work down for Prenatal Panel (Complete blood count, ABO Group & RH Type, Antibody screen, Rubella Ab IgG, RPR, Hep B Surafe Ag) plus HIV I&II, UA and Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy.  We made an appointment to meet up next month.

I received a thank you card from the doula Briana Mager.  It thanked us for meeting with her and hoped that she could be a part of our journey and make our birth an enjoyable experience.  A very nice touch.

Today, we met up with a doula named Erica Delmore.  I saw her picture on DoulaMatch and it must have been a really old picture. She originally wanted to meet up at a cafe near our house.  But, we had a handyman coming by around the same time.  She came by the house early.  She was very nice.  She had a folder filled with information and pricing of her fees.  I think all midwives should have paperwork to give clients since it’s professional.  We asked her lots of questions.  We want to find a doula who knows hypnobirthing.  She didn’t know much about hypnobirthing except she knows the teachers who teach it in Las Vegas.  She’s only been to one of the hypnobirthing classes.  Meeting with Erica just made me think of Shannondoah the first doula we met with.  She’s super friendly and she knows hypnobirthing.

I was researching questions to ask doulas during consultations and it said you need to like the voice of your doula.  They will be talking to you a lot during your labor so it does make sense.

I asked my sister-in-law Kara to bake me her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Kara's famous chocolate chip cookies

She told me she would bake cookies for me anytime during my pregnancy.  She’s so sweet!  They are delicious!!

Ivan and I talked about it and decided to go with Shannondoah Dartsch.  I gave her a call and told her we were choosing her to be our doula and she was really excited.  We’re going to meet up to discuss packages further.  She will teach fear releasing as part of the package which will help me since I’m scared of the pain during labor.

I just received even more flowers this time from Doove from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Flowers from Doove from Amsterdam

He wanted to send bananas, but he couldn’t find any online to send.. so he sent some beautiful flowers.  I think the flowers are getting better each time!

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Cookies

  1. Jen, I am so happy for the both of you. I absolutely LOVE seeing when you have posted something new about your pregnancy. One day, perhaps I will be on the same journey and am getting a lot of insight from you. YIKES! Who ever thought we would have kids?!?! Anyway, the flowers are amazingly beautiful! Dave sounds like he really gets around, if there are all these other “Dave’s” around. 🙂 Perhaps he should lay off the banana vodka.. hehe And, tell your sis-in-law ANYTIME she wants to make me some chocolate chip cookies she is MORE than welcome to. They are so tempting, especially since I am dieting. Love you both. Keep the blog posts coming..

    • Hi Mel! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I know people are reading it.. but feels great when people actually comment. 🙂 It’s crazy to be having kids. Hehe Guess we gotta grow up sometime. There are so many Daves.. no clue how many. I guess monkeys just eat bananas, climb on trees and screw LOL. It’s been amazing getting so many flowers! Hehehe.. you wish she would make you cookies. 😛 I love chocolate chip cookies!!! Love you too. Hope to see ya soon!

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