Monitoring Plan

On August 9, 2014, Hypnobirthing class was cancelled since our teacher Mandie was sick with a bad sore throat.  We will be doing the make-up class on August 23, 2014.

Ivan recently started hypnotizing me before we go to bed while we listen to Enya or some other relaxing music.  He does fear releasing and gives me positive suggestions about the upcoming labor and birth.  Ivan asked how scared I was about the labor and I said 6, he said he would work with me to bring that number down.  It only lasts a few minutes, but I think it helps me sleep better during the night.

I still go to the toilet two or three times a night.  I’ve read in forums that some women go to the toilet 6 or 7 times a night.  I’m glad I’m not like that!

I asked my friends and family on Facebook for labor and birth playlist suggestions.  Some were good while others weren’t.  We got many recommendations like  AC/DC, Enya, Bob Marley and classical music.  I’ve been listening to different types of music and remembering music I grew up to.  I’ve created a big list and keep adding to it.  I’ve put the songs in categories with Slow, Fast, Time to Push and Baby’s Here music.  I like a variety of music with songs from Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd, Wilson Phillips, Blur and Moby.  I will show you my playlist once it’s done which should be soon.

On August 11, 2014, Ivan and I went to Desert Perinatal Associates.  I thought we should see the baby on the ultrasound for the last time.  I didn’t think we needed the monitoring every week. 

Ivan and I went to a room way in the back of the doctor’s office.  I didn’t even know the office was that big.  The room was extremely cold.  The nurse told me to sit down on a brown recliner chair.  I lifted my shirt.  She strapped two round things onto my stomach and tied it on.  The round things were connected to a machine that was monitoring the baby’s fetal movement. 

Jen sitting while getting fetal monitoring

I look like I’m strapped to the recliner and ready for take off.  Baby George did NOT like the noise that the round things made.  He kept kicking really hard trying to push it off.  I sat there for awhile which seemed like ages, but I think it was only like 25 minutes. 

Fetal Monitoring reading

The nurse came back and she looked at the paper which almost reached the floor and said everything looks good.  She told us that we would be taken to another room for the ultrasound once a room opened up.  I don’t like waiting, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.  I’m glad that I brought my Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding book and my phone to keep me occupied.

A few minutes later, we were moved to another room.  The sonographer came in and put the transducer on my stomach to check out my amniotic fluid.  The baby looked weird since there’s not much room in my belly.  We did get to see that the baby has a lot of hair. 

Baby's hair on ultrasound

I’m glad the sonographer captured a picture of his hair since last time we only saw it for a second. 

The office wanted me to come back this week since the monitoring was for twice a week and not once a week.  I thought that was a bit excessive.  I decided not to go back for more monitoring and ultrasounds.  I know it’s not good to expose the baby to too much radiation unless absolutely necessary.  George will be happy that he doesn’t have to hear that loud noise during the monitoring.  I know that George is doing good and he will come out when he’s all good and ready.

I worked on my Hospital and Home Birth Plans since I would be seeing Kat.  I used the Hypnobirthing Birth Preference worksheet and the bump’s Birth Plan to create my Hospital Birth Preference.  I used the Hypnobirthing Home Birth plan to write my Birth Plan for the Home Birth.  It’s good to have the Hospital Birth Preference in case I am transported if there’s any problems.

On August 11, 2014, I saw my doula Shannondoah for my hypnomassage.  Shannondoah is very chatty and friendly.  I told her that I was listening to my Hypnobirthing birth affirmations daily.  She said I should write 5 birthing affirmations and read them before going to bed.  She said I could Google birthing affirmations for ideas.  I let her know that Ivan was doing hypnosis with me before bed.  I said he was doing fear releasing and she asked what he did.  I just told him he was sending me positive thoughts.    She did fear releasing, but I was so tired that I fell asleep.  She said she was sure that subconsciously I heard the information.  I needed that massage since it really worked out my sore back since I haven’t been going to the chiropractor.  I’ve been too lazy to go to a new chiropractor.

I saw my  midwife Kat on August 12, 2014 for my big 36 week prenatal visit.  Everybody that we wanted at the birth was supposed to be at this visit.  I asked my mum, but she said she didn’t want to hear me scream.  She insisted my dad be there since she’s not too keen on the home birth and my dad has delivered lots of babies.  He’s a retired doctor now.  I asked my dad if he wanted to be there and he said no.  I didn’t want anybody else there since I think it’s a pretty intimate thing.

Kat brought a box filled with DoTerra essential oils for me to smell to see what I liked and didn’t like for the labor and birth.  I liked most of them, but thought a few were weird, three were a maybe and three were a definite no.

Our doula Shannondoah said she would come to the labor whenever I wanted.  I would call both Kat and Shannondoah when my water broke.  I asked Kat when she would come to the house.  She would come when my surges (contractions) were 8 minutes apart.  Of course, she would come at any time before that if I REALLY wanted to see her.  Shannondoah has worked with Kat before, so she will keep in touch with what’s going on during the early stages of labor.  Also, it’s good to know that Margo, her assistant midwife, will probably be at the labor and she’s only 5 minutes away from our house. 

If I still hadn’t given birth at 41 weeks, I would be told my options of induction.  She recommended a camping sleeping pad or a Tempur-pedic pillow for underneath the tub which would be for my benefit for more padding under my pelvis.  I have a yoga mat, so I think that would suffice.  She said she would bring a Kaya birth stool which could go in the water tub.  She said I should look it up on the internet.

Kat and I went through my Birth Plan for the Home Birth.  She told me she would use the doppler since it can be used in water and the fetoscope can’t. 

Kat gave Ivan a to-do list for the labor:

1) Bleach or use a cleaning product on the toilets, tub and shower. 

2) Make sure that I use the toilet every hour or hour and a half, even if I’m asleep. 

3) If I have the urge to push, bring out the purple paper called When Baby Arrives Before the Midwife, call Kat and she will go over the steps listed on the paper.  Let’s hope that I won’t be delivering this baby on my own!!

4) Have me get in a comfortable position like on my left side with my leg up.  Don’t cut the cord and put the baby on my uterus.

I asked her about what tests are performed at the birth.  She told me to research the Vitamin K shot which can be done up to 72 hours after the birth and also the eye drops.  She doesn’t think the baby needed the eye drops since I didn’t have any diseases to worry about.  Hepatitis B can be done with our pediatrician.  Kat will do the PKU testing at the birth and 2 weeks after.  She does the Apgar testing.  She doesn’t do the hearing test which will be done at the pediatrician’s office.  Kat said she does 2 week after care.

The baby’s position was LOA which is the optimal position for labor.  I told Kat I forgot to ask the sonographer the weight of the baby.  She said it’s not always accurate.  She felt the baby and thought he was 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. 

It’s great talking to Kat since she’s filled with lots of stories about births and positive things and advice.

Ivan saw in one of our pregnancy magazines that you can get a free breast pump through your insurance.  It listed the company Lucina Care.  You can sign up one a month prior to your due date.  Ivan signed up online, but we got denied.  The e-mail said we should contact our insurance company.  Ivan called our insurance company Sierra Health and we are to go to Total Home Care.  Ivan called Total Home Care and he was informed that all I needed was my insurance card and I could pick a breast pump.

I’ve been having more Braxton Hicks surges.  I usually notice that I’m having one when I take a walk.

I have had two vivid dreams about Baby George.  The first one was that I saw George’s foot go up really high (too high to be real) in my stomach.  I grabbed onto his foot and yelled for Ivan, so I could show him.  The other dream was me sitting on our red couch.  I felt the baby’s foot and then the baby slid out and I noticed water everywhere.  How very weird!  I’m not sure what my fascination is with George’s feet is.  I guess I really want to see him put his foot up in my stomach, so we can capture it on camera.  I’m sure my labor won’t be that fast or that easy.

Ivan and I woke up early for our fourth Hypnobirthing class on August 16, 2014.  I made sure to bring my yoga mat since Mandie wrote us an e-mail that we would need one for the exercise techniques she was going to show us.

We watched two Hypnobirthing videos.  Luckily, these births weren’t that graphic compared to other videos we’ve seen.

The class were shown different exercise techniques like Pelvic Rock, Modified Cat Cow, Counter Pressure, Hip Squeeze, Butterfly up and Butterfly Down and Squats.  Mandie showed us squats really low.  I do squats as low as I can go.  I have bad ankles and have had leg cramps during the pregnancy, so it’s painful to go really low and stay there.  She also told us about Kegels which she recommended doing 100 a day, 10 at a time where you tighten to the count of 10.

She talked about how to do a perineal massage.  Use olive oil or unscented KY on your fingers.  Put two fingers in the vagina up the to knuckle with little pressure and go up and around in a U shape.  You can do this for 5 minutes.  The massage is good to increase elasticity and blood flow.

Mandie talked about things to help natural induction like drinking one quart a day of Red Raspberry Leaf tea during the 3rd trimester and taking Dr. Christopher’s Birth Prep which is taken 6 weeks prior to your due date.  She went over postpartum care.  She recommended frozen chamomile pads and healing/comfort salve.  She said pat your perineum down and then put organic raw honey and water in a bottle and splash it on the perineum.  Then, put  comfort salve on the perineum.

She went over problems that may occur like the water breaking and the fluid being green, yellow or having black particles.  You should definitely call your midwife or doctor and go to the hospital since something could be wrong.

On August 19, 2014, I saw my midwife Kat since now my prenatal visits are weekly.  She said everything looked good.  I had lots of amniotic fluid.  She said George was low in my pelvis and in the ROA position.  She thinks he’s so cute and can’t wait to meet him.  We feel the same way.  We can’t wait to hold him, cuddle him, kiss him and smell his new baby smell. 

She asked if I had a diffuser and I forgot to order one.  I ordered one later in the day on Amazon.  Gotta love Amazon Prime!  She asked if I had a lactation consultant in mind.  I told her I think my friend Carrie could recommend one.  If she didn’t, Kat said she could suggest a good one.  She said that I should call my insurance company and see if they have lactation consultants they refer mums to and if they did, she could tell me the good ones.  She said lactation consultants are covered by insurance companies usually up to 12 visits.  She said usually only one is needed.

She asked if I picked a pediatrician.  I told her that one of our best friends Noelle is a pediatrician.  She took down her information. 

I am now 37.3 weeks pregnant.  I have been feeling good, but I do get more tired now. 

Jen at 37.3 weeks in the nursery

Every now and then I will take a nap.  It’s not good to take a really long nap late in the afternoon because then it takes awhile to go to sleep at night.  If I know we’re going to do something late at night, I will make sure to take a nap.  I’ve so very excited to meet Baby George.  I think he will be born in September.  The due date is now 2 1/2 weeks left.

Balloon Classes

I went to an Easter get together at Rhonda and Justin’s house.  I met Rhonda’s friend Stacy and she gave us lots of advice about baby stuff.  She recommended a class she took 6 years ago that teaches you how to take care of your newborn baby.  She said most people are court ordered to be there, but she learned a lot from the class.  Ivan looked it up online and it’s called Parenting Project and they offer a few different classes for free.

Ivan called to set up the Parenting Project’s Baby Care class for June.  I signed up online for the Hypnobirthing classes for June as well.  I want to take Lamaze classes too.  My midwife Kat recommended Jollina Simpson who also teaches breastfeeding.  I’m going to call her to sign-up for the class.

I forgot to mention earlier that our friend Michael, his mom Leslie sent Ivan two books called What To Expect When Your Wife is Expanding and The Joy of Fatherhood: The Expanded 2nd Edition.  He LOVES What To Expect When Your Wife is Expanding since it’s so funny.  He read it really fast and wants to read it a second time.

I saw Dr. Sabol on April 22, 2014 at Mountain West Chiropractic since Dr. Simoncelli doesn’t work on Tuesdays.  He did different things than the other doctor like using gun that pressed down on my neck.  Also, I laid down and he put a pad under me and then he cracked my back on both sides.  They’re both great doctors and really nice.

I saw my midwife Kat on April 23, 2014 for my prenatal visit.  I have gained 14 pounds since I became pregnant.  Kat said everything is good and the baby is lying vertex (his head is down).  Vertex is the normal position the baby should be in for labor.  Ivan got to feel the baby in my tummy. 

I told Kat that I’ve been getting a knot in my lower back since it hurts a lot.  I told her the chiropractor adjustments do help it for a few days.  She recommended doing belly wrapping.  Belly wrapping isn’t rapping with your belly, but wrapping your belly with a scarf.  There are belly wrapping products out there, but Kat didn’t think they were good.  She also thought I should use essential owls for my lower back pain like dōTERRA’s Deep Blue oil.  She said I should get a good body pillow like Gaiam Organic Body Pillow.

She also showed me two exercises which would prepare me for labor.  One is doing squats for 20 minutes a day which I can break up into 5 minute sessions and the Yoga Cat Cow exercise for 20 minutes.  She said doing the squats with a chair behind me is good.

I told her how I went to As They Grow’s Consignment event and she recommended Children’s Orchard for another consignment place where you can buy and sell things.

I love that Kat writes down notes during our prenatal visits and places it online and I can check it anytime for things I forget which happens quite often with my pregnancy brain. 

Prenatal Flow Sheet

I can see the Prenatal Flow Sheet which shows my weight throughout the visits, weight gain, fundal height, pulse, fetal position and more.

Ivan ordered a body pillow for me on Amazon.  The Gaiam Organic pillow is so expensive. 

I started doing the exercises Kat recommended and the squats are very challenging.  I have weak ankles, so it hurts!  I know it will help with labor, so I will try to do it every day.

Ivan and I posted another baby announcement picture with us wearing blue and holding balloons.

iJen Baby Boy Announcement

We also did a baby name video.  Check it out below.

I was looking up baby stuff for the nursery on April 25, 2014.  I’ve gotten lots of inspiration from Project Nursery and Pinterest.  We have the animal wallpaper already and now we picked a blue paint called Sleepy Blue.  I want to add chevron (zig zag) and polka dots things for accents.  I make sure to bookmark everything and pin it on my Pinterest Baby Stuff page, so I don’t forget the cute stuff I might want to buy.  I love browsing the funny nursery wall art on Etsy. 

Ivan and I picked out some Ikea furniture for the nursery for storage for the baby’s clothes and toys.  I have been debating on getting a bumper pad for the crib.  There are studies that it’s not good since it can prevent air flow to the crib which can result in SIDS.  Some people buy them, but don’t use it until later when the baby is over a year old and then you don’t have to worry about the possibility of SIDS.  There is an alternative to the bumper pad with a rail guard.  I found one crib set that is cute, but I’m going to keep looking at crib sets or have one created on Etsy.

My hair has been getting fuller – I wish it would stay this way after I’m not pregnant.  But, my friend Carrie said your hair falls out after you give birth.  My feet have gotten a little bigger at the top of my foot.  I haven’t gotten bigger anywhere else lately.  But, in the past my butt, hips and thighs have gotten bigger. 

I’ve been moody more lately and I cry really easily now.  I’m trying to remain calm, but it can be difficult sometimes. 

It’s been a wonderful pregnancy so far.  I am now almost 20 weeks pregnant. 

Jen at 19 weeks and 5 days

You can really tell I’m pregnant now.  I feel so big!

Beef Ball

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been busy lately.

I added links on the bottom of the page to Pregnancy sites, Clothing, Vegas and Blogs that I like. Check it out!

There’s a Birth Club forum on the Baby Center app that I signed up to.  The website was having a contest in the September Birth Club where they asked a few questions.  You could answer as many times as you wanted and include pictures if possible.  I included pictures in all my answers.  I won a Baby Center Yoga Ball.  Nice!

Ivan and I met up with our doula Shannondoah.  We talked more about the birth and signed paperwork.  We signed up for the package that includes the birth and 11 sessions of massages or hypnobirthing. She’s so very sweet.  I’m glad that she will be my doula for the birth.  She asked if I had an exercise ball and I said that I just won one.  She said it will come in handy.  It will be good to have for exercise.  We set up my first massage for 3 weeks away.

I’ve been feeling a lot better with no more nausea.  I’ve really been lucky not puking which most mums do.  Sometimes, my boobs and lower back are sore.  The massages will help with my back soreness.

On January 3, I was crying because I didn’t like my lunch.  It didn’t have much flavor.  I was talking about how I eat meat sometimes and it made me think that I want to eat some meat.

Jimmy John's Roast Beef sandwich

So, I went to Jimmy John’s and had a tasty roast beef sandwich.

There’s a new thing called the “Instagram Diet”.  You look at pictures of food and it supposedly makes you want to eat less.  I don’t believe that bs.  But, pregnancy has the opposite effect on me.  I see foods of things I like in pictures and I want it as soon as possible.  I’m trying not to look at foodporn pictures anymore.

I had breakfast with Ivan, my sister-in-law Kara and my nephews and niece at Mr Mama’s.  It’s a family run business with good food.  We talked about baby names.  My nephew Lukey liked the name Gwendolyn while my niece Maria liked the name Louisa.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night more to pee.  I woke up at 3 am on January 6 to a lady announcing that “The birth starts now.”  I thought I better get up.  Of course, I realized it was my brain playing tricks on me.  My mistake was taking the phone into the bathroom while I went to pee.  This woke me up even more and then I couldn’t go back to sleep until probably 2 hours later.

I have been advertising the blog on the Post-its Project on the Bucket List Meetup.  Pregnancy brain got me again and I wrote down my website wrong.


Oops!  I have now remembered my website URL, so that it doesn’t happen again.

I’m more emotional now.  I cry more.  I get really cold which was normal before I was pregnant.  But, now I get a little uncomfortable when it’s warm. My friend’s friend mentioned that It’s going to be hot when I’m pregnant in the summer.  Not looking forward to that.  I might have to stay indoors when it’s really hot out during the day.

I found out from my midwife Kat that I need more Vitamin D in my diet since my labwork came back.

Everything has been going well.  I’m now 10 weeks and 2 days.

Jen at 10 weeks and 2 days

My belly has been getting big.  I got my Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter recently.  It helps with keeping my big belly and boobs smooth and moisturized and is supposed to help prevent stretch marks.  I’ll let ya know what I think of it on my next blog post.

Spicy Banana Love

I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go pee.  Not every night, but every now and then.  It’s annoying since I have to get out of my warm bed to pee and hope that I’ll be able to go back to sleep.  The trick is not to turn on the light in the bathroom, otherwise that usually wakes me up more than I already am.

I went to Lab Express to do my lab work.  It looked like somebody peed on the chair that I had to sit on to give my blood.  But, then I thought it probably wasn’t pee since it was a round yellow stain.. which could mean.. not sure, but I didn’t really want to dwell on it.  I gave a bunch of blood and then I had to pee in a cup.  I’m becoming a professional at peeing in cups.  The lady said to fill the cup half way or as much as you can.  I almost filled it all up. 

I can taste spicy food more now.  I think I have super tastebuds now.  Ivan and I ate at La Comida recently and I could taste even the smallest spiciness in the food.  I try to stay away from spice.. but a little is okay.

Ivan and I have been walking more.  The books recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day.  We’ve been walking for 30 minutes along the wash near our house. 

Runkeeper tracks your walk or run

I like the free app Runkeeper which tracks how long I walked, where I walked and how many calories I’m burning.

On January 31, 2014, Ivan and I went to Target.  We bought some pregnancy clothes for me.  I couldn’t find any good jeans, but I got a pair of sweatpants and lots of shirts.  Ivan thought it was a good idea to buy shirts that are big for me, but I’ll be able to fit into later on since my belly will be so big.

I went to the bathroom at Target and I dry heaved since it smelled like the sewer in there.  I almost puked.  Certain smells can get to you when you’re pregnant.  We have a new all purpose cleaner for our countertops in the kitchen.  I hate the smell!  My sense of smell seems to be more magnified now.

On February 1, 2014, I took Prenatal Yoga at Belly Bliss.  It was different this time where the teacher taught us yoga on chairs.  This type of Yoga is especially good for women in their third trimester of their pregnancy.

She showed us a move that will help prevent us from getting varicose veins and is good for stretching..  It’s good to do for 10 minutes a day for varicose vein prevention.  You have a chair facing you while you’re laying on your right side with your legs under the chair.  You place your left leg on the chair – I put the leg up to my knee, but whatever’s most comfortable for you.  Repeat on the other side.

One girl was 37 weeks and about to give birth in 20 days or so.  I don’t think I will be doing Prenatal Yoga at 37 weeks.  I probably won’t want to do much exercise then.

Thank goodness Ivan eats healthy which makes me eat healthy.  Today, he made a cauliflower Indian dahl for lunch.

Cauliflower Indian Dahl

I started doing the Post-its Project (It’s free to spread love!) which I saw on the Las Vegas Bucket List meetup group.  It’s for the month of February.  Put positive messages or quotes on a post-it note and place it somewhere for somebody to find like the gym scale, magazines, bathroom stalls, books, etc. 

Ivan and I went to the mall today.  I decided to promote this blog on the Post-its.  Here’s one of the notes I left on this Super DOMO at IT’SUGAR Candy Store at Town Square mall.

Post-its Project note on a DOMO doll

Hope somebody comes to the blog and says hi after seeing the note.  I’m hoping this makes people smile.  It’s good to spread love and happiness.

The house is filling up with flowers again.  We got Italian flowers with a funny note. Davide had to put down his banana pizza when he heard the good news!  I guess there are still lots of Dave the monkeys are there that I didn’t know about.

More flowers and congratulations from Hungary and from a drunken monkey named Daibhead from Ireland.  One of the cutest flowers came today from Dawid from Poland. 

Smiley congratulations from Poland

He told me to remember the Polish tradition: The more Bananas you eat, the healthier the baby will be!!  I better start eating more bananas!

Yoga Brain

I went to check out Prenatal Yoga on January 22, 2014 at Belly Bliss which is at Desert Perinatal Spa.  I arrived a few minutes late, but it was okay since two other pregnant mums were late as well.  I brought my yoga mat, but there are free ones that anybody can use.  Pillows are available and it’s used during the class to sit on or to put under your knees.  

The Prenatal Yoga class consisted of 8 other mummies to be.  Most were a lot bigger than me.  The class was taught by a nice blonde woman.  The moves were easy to do.. some were challenging.  The class just flew by.  At the end you lie on your side and the teacher tells you to relax parts of your body.  I swear the girl next to me fell asleep since she was breathing really hard.  I will definitely be going back to Belly Bliss twice a week if possible.  The prices are reasonable at $8 per class or a package deal at 5 classes for $32.  I learned an old best friend of mine is also pregnant.  She’s 3 weeks ahead of me though.  She’s having her third baby.  I’m trying to convince her to join me sometime at the yoga classes.

Ivan and I had a consultation with the midwife Kathya Del Aguila last week.  She is so friendly and very passionate about being a midwife.  She talks fast since she’s from New York.  We knew after our consultation that we wanted to hire her to be the midwife to deliver my baby.  I called her recently and she was so excited that we picked her.  We have set up a first prenatal visit for Tuesday and she’ll set up an appointment for lab work at the visit.

A few people have asked if I’ve had any weird cravings.  Nothing too funky yet.  I have been craving pasta and nachos lately.

We met with doula Briana Mager on Saturday.  She was very professional and informative.  Ivan thought she was like a strict teacher.  We didn’t click with her.  She was nice, but not super friendly.  The search for a doula still goes on.  I have three more doulas that I want to consult with.  Hopefully, we’ll get to meet up with all of them this week.

Ivan and I have still been searching for insurance.  Kat (Kathya) recommended we talk to her lady who does her insurance paperwork.  I talked to her, but she didn’t really know much.  She said that Anthem Blue Cross PPO would cover Kat.  Things have changed with Obamacare and Anthem Blue Cross don’t have PPOs anymore.  I talked to an insurance broker and she said that as long as my midwife Kat was state insured, I could use Assurant Health.  Ivan has found two other PPOs.  Since it’s the weekend, we’ll have to wait to Monday to find out which insurance to buy.

I have been lucky since I have nausea, but I haven’t been puking.  I tried the Sea Band which are supposed to help with morning sickness.  You put two bands on your pressure points.

sea band to help morning sickness

I find the bands to be really tight.  I think it makes it worse.  I’ve only tried it twice, but usually I take the bands off since I still feel sick or the bands are hurting me.  Sucking on peppermint seems to work.  I only burned a candle with peppermint oil once.  I do like the smell of it.  I will have to test that one further to see if helps with the nausea.

The flowers just keep coming.  Ivan bought me flowers last week with a really sweet note.


Then, I got some from our monkeys The Daves (Big Dave, Lil Dave and Swedish Dave).  Today, I got some from Big Dave’s cousin Le Dave from France.  I’m still not sure how many Dave the monkeys are out there.  Must be a lot.. because they keep popping up!  I love the flowers.. it’s nice to have fresh, beautiful flowers on the table.  Hope there’s more Daves to send me flowers.

My mum brought me some chicken and pork adobo.  She must be trying to get me to eat more meat so I get my protein!  She brought Ivan salmon and tuna.  I love mum’s home cooking and adobo is my favorite Filipino dish.  Mums are awesome.

I’ve been getting pregnancy brain.  You tend to forget things when you’re pregnant.  I had a headache, so I grabbed my water, took a sip and took a Tylenol.  I put the water back in my purse, but I forgot to put the cap back on.  It spilled ALL OVER my purse.  Good thing I remembered to put eye drops in my eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t have found the water until later.  But, I ended up spilling water on a present that I had for a friend’s birthday.  It turned out alright though in the end, since it didn’t ruin the gift.  I also forgot that I bid on something on eBay and then ordered the same item on Amazon.  Now, I have two DSLR cleaning kits.  I’ll probably give one to my Dad.  I guess paying attention more and writing things down might help pregnancy brain out.

Last week we started taking pictures of my belly everyday to show the progress.  Here’s a picture of me at one day from 8 weeks along.

Jen almost at 8 weeks along

I’m sure Ivan will make a video at the end for everybody to see.  We’ve also been writing down my weight everyday.

I’ve been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who are Parents, Too! (Wheew that’s a mouthful!).  The books both answer questions that you probably didn’t even think about like How much caffeine can I have a day?, Are paint fumes harmful? or What’s the best way to treat a cold?  I love to find out the growth of the baby during my current week and knowing how big the baby is.  It recommends that mums should do 30 minute of exercise a day.  I’m going to start walking more near the house.  I walked with my cool neighbor Carrie.  The time flies by since she talks about her home birth and she’s so friendly and easy to talk to.  It’s great to hear what she recommends.  It’s great to find out about books or products that would help out.  The more I learn the less scared I get about being pregnant.