Nausea, Doulas & Midwives

I’ve been drinking a lot more water which is good, but now the bathroom has been my second new home.

I have been feeling more nauseous lately.  The first time it happened was when Ivan was driving after a big meal.  Hoping that I don’t get sick more often with Ivan’s driving.  I know at one point I won’t be able to drive myself around.

My family is all so very excited.  My brother, sister-in-law, sister and brother-in-law have been talking about stories of their kids and giving advice.

My brother Arsenio talked about poo blowouts when you don’t put the diaper on right and the poo goes everywhere.  My brother-in-law had sympathy pains where he vomited.  My sister-in-law Kara said she’d bake me her tasty chocolate chip cookies anytime I wanted which sounds good to me.  My sister Maricar recommended carrying a cup with me at all times in case you have to puke.  Once, she puked into her shirt pocket.  She also thought it’s good to have crackers with me.

My siblings were talking about the baby seat.  Since the baby seat faces backwards when they’re young, one of the parents would always sit with the baby.  My brother-in-law Art felt like he was a chauffeur.

Pregnancy books

We got four books from Amazon yesterday including one for Ivan called The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash.  I hope these books will help out since we’re both pretty clueless as what to expect.

Yesterday, Ivan and I met with Shannondoah who’s a doula.  Ivan met her during hypnosis class a few years ago.  She’s very sweet. She recommended eating peppermint or smelling peppermint oil in a candle (put the oil in the base of the candle wick) for nausea.  She also does hynomassages and teaches hypnobirthing.  I am definitely interested in hypnobirthing since I’m very easy to hypnotize.  I can even hypnotize myself.  Plus, Ivan is a hypnotist so I’m sure that will be helpful.  She wasn’t as professional since she didn’t have paperwork with her prices.

Shannondoah also recommended taking a prenatal pill with DHA and folic acid.  My prenatal pill doesn’t seem to have folic acid, so we bought some today.  Shannondoah did say I should eat saltine crackers and she lived off them when she was pregnant since they soothe your stomach.  She also thought sea bands were good for nausea, too.

Shanndondoah also talked about Placenta Encapsulation.  This is where the placenta is dehydrated and then ground up and placed in a pill.  If the new mummy feels depressed, she would pop one of the pills.  It’s supposed to have many health benefits.  UNLV is doing a study in Las Vegas to find out if it actually does work.  The study will pay you $80 that would go toward the placenta encapsulation service and then you would be given a pill which could be a placebo or not.

I will be looking more into this.  It just sounds a bit crazy to me.  Ivan thinks that it sounds cool and probably wouldn’t do any harm.

I did tell my parents about having a home birth.  As I knew, they weren’t too keen on the idea.  They think my first baby should be born in a hospital.  I know whatever I do they will support my decision.  I asked my mum if she wanted to be at the birth and she said No, because she doesn’t want to hear me scream.

Today, Ivan and I went to see the midwife Sherry Hopkins at Well Rounded Momma.  Well Rounded Momma provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support in the Las Vegas area. They provide various workshops, classes and seminars that support holistic pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and parenting.

Currently, it’s located in a home.  Sherry was really nice and professional.  She told us about that Blue Cross Blue Shield covers her services and informed us that she refers mums to an outside place for ultrasounds.  She gave us paperwork that showed us what she does and the price.

Well Rounded Momma is moving in a month to a storefront.  Hopefully, the new place will have the great homey feel that they have right now.

Ivan thought we should look into consulting with more doulas.  I went in search of more and found a great resource called Doula Match.  You put in your zip code and it searches for doulas in your town or city.  They were only a handful listed there, but I liked that it had Testimonials.  I found a doula who had lots of good testimonials and she’s also does hynobirthing and is a HCHD (Hypnobabies Certified Hypnosis Doula).  So, I filled out a form on her site and hope to set up a consultation with her tomorrow.

Ivan is always great at finding things that are good for me during my pregnancy.  He found tea that helps with minor upset stomachs called Yogi Tea Mother To Be Organic Tea.

Yogi Woman's Mother To Be organic tea

I tried it today and it tastes good.  Ivan was feeling tired and his stomach hurt – maybe he’s having sympathy pains.  He felt good after some food and the tea.

My dad said I need to start eating meat since I’m pregnant.  Everybody thinks that meat = protein.  I think that’s silly.  I am pescetarian most of the year.  Sometimes I do have cravings for meat, but for health reasons I try not to eat it.  Ivan has me eating a handful of almonds a day and making sure I eat foods high in protein like dried figs and boiled eggs.

Ivan and I will be meeting up with another midwife Kathya tomorrow.


Natural results

It took awhile to sleep last night.  I kept wondering what was going to happen at the doctor’s office.  I still knew that I was pregnant, but confirming it would come when I take the pregnancy test at the doctor’s office.

Ivan and I had more waiting to do – this time in the doctor’s office.  A few minutes after my 2 pm appointment, we were taken in.  I got weighed and I had to pee in a cup while Ivan waited in room 13.

Yellow cup of pee

It’s funny how there’s a little silver box that opens up to a hole in the wall – you place your cup of pee there after you’re done.  I was hoping nobody would go in there and steal my pee.  I’m not sure why anybody would want to do this.. but you never know.

I went to room 13 and sat on the high examining table.  The doctor’s assistant was named Mary.  She asked a few questions.  She was 37 and was glad that I was the same age and that I’m pregnant.  I told her there’s still time.  She said she would have to find a nice guy in Vegas first.  I said That can be hard.

She handed us a paper which has different tests that I might want to take to find out if our child has Down Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis.  She said the doctor would talk to us about it.

I started reading it and thought Great, more stuff to worry about!

Later, we were taken to another room.  Mary said that we would have to wait since the doctor was with another patient.

Dr. Brill came in and wanted to shake my hand, but he was sick.  He told me that I was pregnant.  Based on my last start date of my last period which was December 1st, he said I was 6 weeks and 4 days along.  The baby’s due date was September 7.

The doctor said I should drink one gallon of water a day.  If I needed anything for pain relief, I could use Tylenol.  He recommended not taking Pepto Bismol, but Tums or Rolaids were fine.

He also recommended taking prenatal pills.  He said he would write me a prescription or I could buy over-the-counter prenatal pills since he thought vitamins were vitamins.

He doesn’t really think that women over 35 are high risk.  He answered a few of my questions without me asking.

I asked him about exercising.  He said it was fine to do.  If I exercised 60 minutes in one day, I should only do it 5 times a week.  He didn’t think I should ride a bike or run on a treadmill since I might fall.  I thought that’s common sense.  I knew I wouldn’t be doing either one anytime soon.

The doctor suggested that I get blood work done to check my health like testing for HIV and diabetes.  He wanted to have an ultrasound done in 2 weeks and then see him in a month.

It turns out that all the tests would be $610.  Since we don’t have insurance, I went to talk to Ivan.  He asked about the Obamacare to see how long insurance would come into effect if we signed up.  I declined on the tests for now while we look up our options for insurance.  The visit cost $100 which seemed a bit expensive for a pregnancy test and some advice.

We drove back home and later looked up information on insurance.  I signed up for the Obamacare and no plans were found for me.  WTF?!

I called my parents and they were thrilled.  My dad has been especially pushing for us to have kids.  My dad said he had a dream the other day that I was pregnant.  I called my sister and my brother too.  It seems more real now telling people that I’m pregnant.  My sister wants a girl.  My sister-in-law thinks it’s a boy and it will be born September 3 like Ivan and my brother.

Ivan has been thinking I should have a natural home birth and do hypnobirthing.  Ivan is a trained hypnotist.  He’s hypnotized me before and I can actually hypnotize myself.

He remembered a movie called The Business of Being Born that was recommended by our neighbor Carrie.  She gave birth almost two years ago with a home birth and she did hypnobirthing as well.

The Business of Being Born poster

The Business of Being Born talks about how hospitals are in a rush to get you out of the hospital.  Most pregnancies in hospitals use an epidural and caesarian sections are quite common.  It was scary to see that so many drugs are being used.  It talked about giving mums pitocin to induce the labor.  This gives longer and more intense contractions.  The doctor will then give an epidural and sometimes another epidural.  It looked like this was really bad for the baby.  It just seems that the hospitals are trying to have short births in order to make money.  It doesn’t seem natural at all.

One of the midwives thought that the baby should be born on their own time.

This movie showed 3 home births.  I’ve never seen a birth before.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  There’s always horror stories of seeing a woman give birth and it’s the scariest thing ever.

It does seem amazing to have a home birth, I’m just scared of the pain and if anything could go wrong.  If we did have a home birth, we do have a hospital just 3 minutes away from our house.

I bought a few books including The Essential Homebirth Guide: For Families Planning or Considering Birthing at Home and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Hope these will help me out with what to expect.

Tomorrow, I’m going to call a couple midwives and see if they’re covered by insurance and to see if they do ultrasounds.

Credits: The Business of Being Born picture