Yoga Brain

I went to check out Prenatal Yoga on January 22, 2014 at Belly Bliss which is at Desert Perinatal Spa.  I arrived a few minutes late, but it was okay since two other pregnant mums were late as well.  I brought my yoga mat, but there are free ones that anybody can use.  Pillows are available and it’s used during the class to sit on or to put under your knees.  

The Prenatal Yoga class consisted of 8 other mummies to be.  Most were a lot bigger than me.  The class was taught by a nice blonde woman.  The moves were easy to do.. some were challenging.  The class just flew by.  At the end you lie on your side and the teacher tells you to relax parts of your body.  I swear the girl next to me fell asleep since she was breathing really hard.  I will definitely be going back to Belly Bliss twice a week if possible.  The prices are reasonable at $8 per class or a package deal at 5 classes for $32.  I learned an old best friend of mine is also pregnant.  She’s 3 weeks ahead of me though.  She’s having her third baby.  I’m trying to convince her to join me sometime at the yoga classes.

Ivan and I had a consultation with the midwife Kathya Del Aguila last week.  She is so friendly and very passionate about being a midwife.  She talks fast since she’s from New York.  We knew after our consultation that we wanted to hire her to be the midwife to deliver my baby.  I called her recently and she was so excited that we picked her.  We have set up a first prenatal visit for Tuesday and she’ll set up an appointment for lab work at the visit.

A few people have asked if I’ve had any weird cravings.  Nothing too funky yet.  I have been craving pasta and nachos lately.

We met with doula Briana Mager on Saturday.  She was very professional and informative.  Ivan thought she was like a strict teacher.  We didn’t click with her.  She was nice, but not super friendly.  The search for a doula still goes on.  I have three more doulas that I want to consult with.  Hopefully, we’ll get to meet up with all of them this week.

Ivan and I have still been searching for insurance.  Kat (Kathya) recommended we talk to her lady who does her insurance paperwork.  I talked to her, but she didn’t really know much.  She said that Anthem Blue Cross PPO would cover Kat.  Things have changed with Obamacare and Anthem Blue Cross don’t have PPOs anymore.  I talked to an insurance broker and she said that as long as my midwife Kat was state insured, I could use Assurant Health.  Ivan has found two other PPOs.  Since it’s the weekend, we’ll have to wait to Monday to find out which insurance to buy.

I have been lucky since I have nausea, but I haven’t been puking.  I tried the Sea Band which are supposed to help with morning sickness.  You put two bands on your pressure points.

sea band to help morning sickness

I find the bands to be really tight.  I think it makes it worse.  I’ve only tried it twice, but usually I take the bands off since I still feel sick or the bands are hurting me.  Sucking on peppermint seems to work.  I only burned a candle with peppermint oil once.  I do like the smell of it.  I will have to test that one further to see if helps with the nausea.

The flowers just keep coming.  Ivan bought me flowers last week with a really sweet note.


Then, I got some from our monkeys The Daves (Big Dave, Lil Dave and Swedish Dave).  Today, I got some from Big Dave’s cousin Le Dave from France.  I’m still not sure how many Dave the monkeys are out there.  Must be a lot.. because they keep popping up!  I love the flowers.. it’s nice to have fresh, beautiful flowers on the table.  Hope there’s more Daves to send me flowers.

My mum brought me some chicken and pork adobo.  She must be trying to get me to eat more meat so I get my protein!  She brought Ivan salmon and tuna.  I love mum’s home cooking and adobo is my favorite Filipino dish.  Mums are awesome.

I’ve been getting pregnancy brain.  You tend to forget things when you’re pregnant.  I had a headache, so I grabbed my water, took a sip and took a Tylenol.  I put the water back in my purse, but I forgot to put the cap back on.  It spilled ALL OVER my purse.  Good thing I remembered to put eye drops in my eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t have found the water until later.  But, I ended up spilling water on a present that I had for a friend’s birthday.  It turned out alright though in the end, since it didn’t ruin the gift.  I also forgot that I bid on something on eBay and then ordered the same item on Amazon.  Now, I have two DSLR cleaning kits.  I’ll probably give one to my Dad.  I guess paying attention more and writing things down might help pregnancy brain out.

Last week we started taking pictures of my belly everyday to show the progress.  Here’s a picture of me at one day from 8 weeks along.

Jen almost at 8 weeks along

I’m sure Ivan will make a video at the end for everybody to see.  We’ve also been writing down my weight everyday.

I’ve been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who are Parents, Too! (Wheew that’s a mouthful!).  The books both answer questions that you probably didn’t even think about like How much caffeine can I have a day?, Are paint fumes harmful? or What’s the best way to treat a cold?  I love to find out the growth of the baby during my current week and knowing how big the baby is.  It recommends that mums should do 30 minute of exercise a day.  I’m going to start walking more near the house.  I walked with my cool neighbor Carrie.  The time flies by since she talks about her home birth and she’s so friendly and easy to talk to.  It’s great to hear what she recommends.  It’s great to find out about books or products that would help out.  The more I learn the less scared I get about being pregnant.


Nausea, Doulas & Midwives

I’ve been drinking a lot more water which is good, but now the bathroom has been my second new home.

I have been feeling more nauseous lately.  The first time it happened was when Ivan was driving after a big meal.  Hoping that I don’t get sick more often with Ivan’s driving.  I know at one point I won’t be able to drive myself around.

My family is all so very excited.  My brother, sister-in-law, sister and brother-in-law have been talking about stories of their kids and giving advice.

My brother Arsenio talked about poo blowouts when you don’t put the diaper on right and the poo goes everywhere.  My brother-in-law had sympathy pains where he vomited.  My sister-in-law Kara said she’d bake me her tasty chocolate chip cookies anytime I wanted which sounds good to me.  My sister Maricar recommended carrying a cup with me at all times in case you have to puke.  Once, she puked into her shirt pocket.  She also thought it’s good to have crackers with me.

My siblings were talking about the baby seat.  Since the baby seat faces backwards when they’re young, one of the parents would always sit with the baby.  My brother-in-law Art felt like he was a chauffeur.

Pregnancy books

We got four books from Amazon yesterday including one for Ivan called The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash.  I hope these books will help out since we’re both pretty clueless as what to expect.

Yesterday, Ivan and I met with Shannondoah who’s a doula.  Ivan met her during hypnosis class a few years ago.  She’s very sweet. She recommended eating peppermint or smelling peppermint oil in a candle (put the oil in the base of the candle wick) for nausea.  She also does hynomassages and teaches hypnobirthing.  I am definitely interested in hypnobirthing since I’m very easy to hypnotize.  I can even hypnotize myself.  Plus, Ivan is a hypnotist so I’m sure that will be helpful.  She wasn’t as professional since she didn’t have paperwork with her prices.

Shannondoah also recommended taking a prenatal pill with DHA and folic acid.  My prenatal pill doesn’t seem to have folic acid, so we bought some today.  Shannondoah did say I should eat saltine crackers and she lived off them when she was pregnant since they soothe your stomach.  She also thought sea bands were good for nausea, too.

Shanndondoah also talked about Placenta Encapsulation.  This is where the placenta is dehydrated and then ground up and placed in a pill.  If the new mummy feels depressed, she would pop one of the pills.  It’s supposed to have many health benefits.  UNLV is doing a study in Las Vegas to find out if it actually does work.  The study will pay you $80 that would go toward the placenta encapsulation service and then you would be given a pill which could be a placebo or not.

I will be looking more into this.  It just sounds a bit crazy to me.  Ivan thinks that it sounds cool and probably wouldn’t do any harm.

I did tell my parents about having a home birth.  As I knew, they weren’t too keen on the idea.  They think my first baby should be born in a hospital.  I know whatever I do they will support my decision.  I asked my mum if she wanted to be at the birth and she said No, because she doesn’t want to hear me scream.

Today, Ivan and I went to see the midwife Sherry Hopkins at Well Rounded Momma.  Well Rounded Momma provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support in the Las Vegas area. They provide various workshops, classes and seminars that support holistic pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and parenting.

Currently, it’s located in a home.  Sherry was really nice and professional.  She told us about that Blue Cross Blue Shield covers her services and informed us that she refers mums to an outside place for ultrasounds.  She gave us paperwork that showed us what she does and the price.

Well Rounded Momma is moving in a month to a storefront.  Hopefully, the new place will have the great homey feel that they have right now.

Ivan thought we should look into consulting with more doulas.  I went in search of more and found a great resource called Doula Match.  You put in your zip code and it searches for doulas in your town or city.  They were only a handful listed there, but I liked that it had Testimonials.  I found a doula who had lots of good testimonials and she’s also does hynobirthing and is a HCHD (Hypnobabies Certified Hypnosis Doula).  So, I filled out a form on her site and hope to set up a consultation with her tomorrow.

Ivan is always great at finding things that are good for me during my pregnancy.  He found tea that helps with minor upset stomachs called Yogi Tea Mother To Be Organic Tea.

Yogi Woman's Mother To Be organic tea

I tried it today and it tastes good.  Ivan was feeling tired and his stomach hurt – maybe he’s having sympathy pains.  He felt good after some food and the tea.

My dad said I need to start eating meat since I’m pregnant.  Everybody thinks that meat = protein.  I think that’s silly.  I am pescetarian most of the year.  Sometimes I do have cravings for meat, but for health reasons I try not to eat it.  Ivan has me eating a handful of almonds a day and making sure I eat foods high in protein like dried figs and boiled eggs.

Ivan and I will be meeting up with another midwife Kathya tomorrow.